This is me

This is me

This is me.
In Cadiz.
Plus a couple,
Who have found something in each other,
That is,
Something more beautiful than the sun setting,
On buildings potentially hundreds of years old.
Or maybe they have just seen it before.
But there I am.
And see I’m very safe,
And happy,
And the same,
Nothings changed.
Just my co-ordinates on a map.

But now my google search turns up in Spanish.

But you say it scares you,
That my physical direction from you is through the earth,
But here I am in your computer screen,
And that’s something.
If it wasn’t, then;
How can you still wring me from the inside out?
And still say things that make me fall in love with your mind again,
And still kill me with your pain.

And still think that it might not be enough,
That I feel I am radiating,
A mushroom cloud settling over Cadiz,
And I am bouncing through innumerable satellites,
And asteroids,
Only to hit the ground,
And seep through the pores of the Earth,
Absorbed in the roots of forests,
Rushing across the beds of oceans,
Just from love for you.

And that’s not enough?

I want you to know,
I love you and I’m happy.
This is me,
Twenty-three flight hours away,
In Cadiz.


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