Conversation with Phoebe

she is only three but as I sit beside her folding a paper aeroplane she says I’m scared of what happens when you die I say sweetie don’t be afraid no-one really knows what we will become in that state but it happens to us all someday she whispers but the darkness frightens me I whisper back I’ll tell you a secret I think it happens this way: we simply become the earth we sink deep into the ground and help the grass and the trees and the flowers grow the sun shines down upon us and we are happy she considers this but tears tremble in her eyes there’ll be no-one there to love me I enclose her small hand in mine love will surround you in a different way see this paper aeroplane? (I hold up the one I’ve made) see how it floats through the air so carefree? well in death that’ll be you and me


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