owl miss you

owl miss you




the breeze carried with it the scent of jasmine and salty skin she walked alone just far enough behind their fluttering sarongs to seem inconspicuous

when they reached the light in front of them she watched as one of the group stopped and said something to the others something she knew to be an excuse and let the rest continue she emerged from the shadows and went to greet the one left behind

that one had brought a shiny tin of floppy red veg with a ring-pull lid yaay running back to meet the others they yelped with joy into the sun

they leaped as high as they could and their trajectory somehow seemed to speed up the higher they went puffing through clouds and having brief high-fives with birds as they flung ever skyward at one point they stopped unexpectedly as a huge green mouth appeared in the sky and said

let the words flow from your mindstream and linger on your lips with pulsing purity can you feel the beautiful beat of your heartfelt self

“no” there was a sudden gust of wind she looked dismayed “i love the way your hair looks in the wind” “that’s such a cliché you bore me at times like this” she turned away

took her hat off and bit into a juicy slice of ever-exciting picked vegetable “this is way more exciting” she said

“and i can taste something like salt on my skin” she wrote a few words on a square piece of paper folded it into a crane and flushed it down the toilet with the hope that it would one day reach the sea


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